Salt Lake School (English Medium)

School Rules & Regulations

General School Rules & Regulations

Regular & punctual attendance is insisted upon. No leave of absence is given without previous application in writing from the guardian. Students who have been absent from class must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in the regularity record. Reasons of private nature may be intimated by a letter. Birthday, excursion,urgent business are not sufficient reasons for absence.

Students remaining continuously absent for more than a month without permission are liable to be excluded from the roll and re-admission may be refused.

Those who have been absent must show the teacher their regularity record duly counter signed by the principal before entering the class – room. Late comers may be sent back home

No student is allowed to leave the school premises except on the strength of a letter of request from his/her guardian and sanctioned by the Principal.

Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

Any damage to school property should be made good by the student concerned.

Parents and Guardians are not allowed to see the children or interview teachers during school hours. However, in the urgent cases the Principal/Vice-Principals may be approached for the same.

Every child is required to take part in compulsory games, physical education and participate in the co-curricular activities of the school.

Students are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct in and out of the school premises. Pupils are expected to address the teachers and all members of the staff with due respect and politeness. On their way to and from the school, they are expected to behave in a courteous manner.

English should be spoken in the school premises.

Students whose attendance fall short of 75% will not be allowed to appear for the final examination.

Pupils must return after their holidays on the opening day and be present on the closing day of the term. In case of sickness the school authorities must be notified.

Attendance of all students in all school functions like Republic Day Celebration, Independence Day Celebration, Annual Sports, Rabindra Jayanti etc. is compulsory. Absence on the mentioned days will result in deduction of marks from the assessment of major academic subjects.

All the guardians are advised to ensure that their wards do not fail to attend such functions except in very special circumstances with prior intimation.

Parent-teacher meetings provide good opportunities for the exchange of ideas, suggestions for the improvement of performance of the students, both in general and in particular cases.

It is expected that all the guardians will attend such meetings in right earnest.

In case of loss/damage of the diary, fresh diary may be obtained by the students on payment of Rs.50/

Bringing of art and craft material by the students according to the class routine is compulsory, failing which marks shail be deducted while evaluating their performances.

Attestation of Photographys: The student must be photographed in school uniform.

Important Notes To Guardians:

By urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance.

By not engaging any teacher of this school as private tutors without consulting the school authorities. It is the policy of the school as a rule to discourage private tuitlon as this may prove injurious to the real progress of the pupils.

By ensuring that their wards are diligent in their home work and preparation of lessons.

By insisting on neatness, and cleanliness in the text books, exercise books and personal appearance.

By being prompt in returning progress report and answer sheets.

By addressing all communications to the principal.